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A DEGA was set up in the building of an old cellar of the Cister Nuns Convent of Cós, near Alcobaça (in a historic region, 120Km north Lisbon).


Note: This gallery was closed on 2004 after the divorce of its founders 

Our Exhibitions

The main artistic line of the Gallery is New Figuration, namely ironic painting. Nevertheless, we have not a rigid view concerning artistic styles. Expressionist and abstract painters have shown here as well.
Where is the Gallery
Street: Rua do Celeiro, 32

An example of ironic painting

You can see on the right a "New Figuration" painting that won the Leonardo da Vinci Prize, given in Florence and was shown in our Gallery. The critics said that this painting is surrealist.That may be, but the intention of the Author was to show a critical view of reality.

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"Transgenic tree"
Leonardo da Vinci Prize, Florence, 2004

Oil on canvas,2x1.5m, José Barata de Castilho© 

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