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"Levitating… ", ink on paper, 21x28.5 cm, 1988, by CRUZEIRO SEIXAS ©



Born in Lisbon, 1920.

He studied at the Professional Arts School António Arroio (Lisbon).

He made solo shows in Portugal: Castelo Branco, Évora, Lisbon, Oporto (with Cesariny in 1967, with a great success) and abroad: Brussels, Paris, Fundación Granell in Spain.

He participated also in collective art shows: Aveiro with Eugénio Granell, Exhibition of the Surrealistic Group in 1975 (organised by Franklin Rosemont), Brasília, Amsterdam, Lyon, etc.

He made several works as an illustrator (e.g. scenery of the Swan’s Lake of the National Company of Ballet, book "Clepsydra" of Camilo Pessanha, edited in 2000 by Gulbenkian Foundation).

It is worthy to tell that Cruzeiro Seixas is also a poet, who has written several books on verse, very appreciated in Portugal.

As an excellent synthesis of his curriculum, see Moderna Enciclopedia Universal (Lisbon), where is written:

"After an expressionist-neo-realistic period, he participated by 1949-1950 in the activity of the group ‘Os Surrealistas’ (The Surrealist). In 1952 he displaced to Angola, where he lived during 14 years. After his returning to Portugal, his painting exhibitions of 1967 and 1970 show mainly forms of a strong lyric and magnetic richness, following rigorously the surrealistic dream and connotations with Lautréamont. His production represents itself as the most significant artworks set of surrealistic expression made by a Portuguese artist".